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Californians for a Fair Water Policy is a statewide coalition of businesses, consumers, environmentalists, fishermen, farmers, Native Americans and community-based organizations who oppose spending more than $50 billion of taxpayer and ratepayer funds for the construction, financing, operation and environmental mitigation of new tunnels to export more water from the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary. The tunnels, disguised as part of the “Bay Delta Conservation Plan,” would damage California’s economy, environment, sustainable family farms, and salmon population. Financing the tunnels would impose billions of dollars of tax and water rate increases on all Californians to enrich a few large and powerful agribusinesses and oil companies in the southwest San Joaquin Valley.

Californians for a Fair Water Policy supports investing in smart, efficiency-centric projects to improve California’s water security and maintaining responsible levels of water exports from the Bay Delta. Such projects include rebuilding our crumbling local water and sewer infrastructure, cleaning groundwater aquifers, expanding rainwater catchment systems, recycling water and improving water efficiency in the residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. Not only would these measures secure California’s water supply, they would improve water quality, prevent pollution and create long-term jobs.